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School held a meetin


On the morning of January 4, a special meeting was held in the conference room on the 4th floor of the new campus administrative building to arrange for the deployment of laboratory safety work....




Qiannan Medical College for Nationalities (QNMC),founded in November, 1985,is a full-time higher vocational college approved by Ministry of Education.It is one of the first "Outstanding Doctor Education Training Project "reform pilot colleges approved by Ministry of Education and Ministry of Health.The school is located in Duyun city, Guizhou Provence, which is the National Excellent Tourism City.The old campus covers an area of 761 acre, with fixed assets worth 280 million yuan and a collection of 499,000 printed publications.The total value of teaching equipment is more than 72million yuan. The new campus in Duyun Economic Development Zone covers an area of 1295 acres, with 720 million yuan invested in the first period.There are 513 teaching and administrative staff, among which 399 are full-time teachers, including 133 associate professors account for33.3%,121 teachers with master's degree account for 30.3%.
At present, QNMC opened 14 majors and professional majors, including Clinical Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, etc. QNMC now has one teaching reform project of the Ministry of Education, 2 majors supported by Ministry of Finance,2 provincial characteristic majors,3 provincial excellent courses,4 provincial laboratories;7 national, provincial, state training bases,2 affiliated hospitals,80 teaching practice bases .The school has established a friendly and cooperative relationship with more than 10 first-class medical institutions, Peking University Health Science Center, Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine, Taiwan Zhongshan Medical University included.
QNMC recruits students facing 24 provinces (city, autonomous region, municipalities directly under the central government), there are 12000 undergraduates now.Students have participated in the provincial professional skills competition and won the prize and represented Guizhou to participate in the national competitions. The employment rate stays above 90%, the graduates are spoken highly by the social and employing units. Many of them have become the backbones in ethnic minority areas.
With the social development of new opportunities and challenges, the school will conform to the development trend of medical education, highlighting its national, local and practical characteristics. In order to cultivate skilled and applied medical talents and achieve tactic needs of great-leap-forward development , we will try our best.




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